SourceGas Energy Services Company (SGES) is  now Black Hills Energy Services Company (BHES), a non-regulated marketing affiliate of Black Hills Corporation.* 

BHES markets natural gas products and services to wholesale and retail customers in Nebraska and Wyoming. At our core, Black Hills Energy Services is focused on bringing a standard of excellence to all that we do.

  • We are responsive to our customers, and to the ever changing market.
  • We operate with integrity, internally and externally.
  • We are transparent in our operations and forthright with our customers.
  • We do not participate in misleading marketing tactics, hidden fees, and we always ensure complete compliance with Choice Gas rules. 

BHES has broad access to physical and financial markets, allowing BHES to provide residential, commercial and agricultural customers with more pricing options, including Fixed Monthly Billing (WinterGuard®), Index Pricing, and Fixed Rate Pricing. No matter which pricing option you choose, Black Hills Energy Services provides innovative pricing plans and exceptional service to our customers in the Wyoming and Nebraska ChoiceGas programs

Affiliate Relationship and Code of Conduct Notice and Disclaimer: Black Hills Energy Services ("BHES") is a non-regulated competitive natural gas supplier in the Choice Gas Program provided by Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC. d/b/a Black Hills Energy in Nebraska and Wyoming. 

BHES is a non-regulated competitive gas supplier that is completely separate and distinct from the regulated utility, Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC. (formerly Source Gas Distribution) which is administrating the Choice Gas Program under the business trade name of "Black Hills Energy." BHES, as a competitive supplier of natural gas is not provided any advantages or preferences due to its corporate affiliation with Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC.. Although the names of each legal entity are similar, the service provided by Black Hills Energy Services (i.e. non-regulated competitive gas supplier) and Black Hills Energy (i.e. regulated utility service - Choice Gas Administrator) are totally separate.

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