Affiliate Relationship and Code of Conduct Notice and Disclaimer: Black Hills Energy Services ("BHES") is a non-regulated competitive natural gas supplier in the Choice Gas Program provided by Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC d/b/a Black Hills Energy in Nebraska and Wyoming. 

BHES is a non-regulated competitive gas supplier that is completely separate and distinct from the regulated utility, Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC (formerly Source Gas Distribution) which is administrating the Choice Gas Program under the business trade name of "Black Hills Energy." BHES, as a competitive supplier of natural gas is not provided any advantages or preferences due to its corporate affiliation with Black Hills Gas Distribution, LLC.. Although the names of each legal entity are similar, the service provided by Black Hills Energy Services (i.e. non-regulated competitive gas supplier) and Black Hills Energy (i.e. regulated utility service - Choice Gas Administrator) are totally separate.* 

The Choice Gas Program gives customers the opportunity to choose a natural gas provider and the pricing options that best suit a customer's needs. BHES believes that a customer should choose a gas supply provider and competitive gas supply price offer based on the following criteria: 

1. Longevity

How long has a supplier been supplying natural gas in the Choice Gas program?

BHES encourages customers to consider longevity when selecting a competitive gas supplier. 

BHES has been serving Wyoming and Nebraska since 1999. BHES has gained significant experience over those years which will benefit its customers. 

2. Transparency

Are customers provided adequate Choice Gas supply product and pricing information?

The Choice Gas program offers a customer the opportunity to participate in a competitive natural gas market. Disclosure of the total gas price is a big factor for most customers when it comes to making a competitive supplier decision.

BHES recommends that customers review all of the details of competitive supplier natural gas products and program pricing information to better understand and fairly evaluate competitive natural gas offers before signing up with a competitive natural gas supplier. 

3. Competitive Price and Customer Service

Is your natural gas price competitive and customer service supported?  

Let's face it, a competitive natural gas supply price matters. However, the posted offer price of the gas supply is not the only important factor in making a decision when selecting a natural gas supplier.

BHES offers all customers a fair price on natural gas. BHES combines its competitive natural gas supply packages with excellent customer service. BHES is a large competitive natural gas supplier in the Wyoming and Nebraska Choice Gas programs. BHES has a team of knowledgeable, professional customer service representatives available year-round who are familiar with natural gas supply issues, and committed to solving problems in a respectful and timely manner. BHES takes pride in providing excellent customer service to its customers. 

By applying the above criteria, customers can easily conclude that selecting BHES will result in a good decision during the Choice Gas selection period. 

*As required under applicable laws governing Choice Gas Suppliers, BHES offers its competitive natural gas supplies in complete compliance with any and all applicable Supplier/Aggregator Code of Conduct and Affiliate rules and regulations. 

The list of Supplier evaluation criteria set forth above is provided to assist customers when reviewing the non-regulated competitive gas supply packages offered by BHES under the Choice Gas Program. The criteria provided above are not intended to compare, demean, allege, or misrepresent competitive natural gas products and services provided by any other qualified competitive natural gas suppliers participating in the Choice Gas program. Instead, the criteria provided by BHES below are identified as items of evaluation that a customer would consider when evaluating various competitive supplier options. The answers provided confirm why selecting BHES will provide Choice Gas Program customers with a gas supply package that meets the customer's natural gas requirements. 

How to Choose BHES



  • To choose BHES as your natural gas supplier via the internet.
  • Check our Pricing Plans to find the Confirmation Code for your preferred pricing option.
  • Once you have your Confirmation Code and your Control Number you can choose BHES using our simple enrollment form.


  • Prices and Confirmation Codes change often, and sometimes it’s just easier to talk with a live person, who can help.
  • Excellent customer service is our specialty, we love to help!
  • Call us at 1.800.215.3035 and we will be glad to help you make your selection.


  • Simply complete the selection form (sent directly to you from Black Hills Energy) and mail it back in the envelope supplied.
  • Choice Gas Program P.O. Box 406 Scottsbluff, NE 69363