Ag Choice Gas Selection Period

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Index Pricing is really about keeping it real.

With Index Pricing, your monthly natural gas bill will fluctuate from month-to-month, for better or worse, depending on the natural gas market, which is driven by weather, demand, and other factors. Many of our Agricultural Customers prefer this option because it can be highly customized. 

Fixed Pricing is really about limiting your price risk.

With Fixed Pricing, you will pay the same rate for each unit of gas throughout the year. However, your monthly bill will change depending on how much gas you use. This is huge benefit to our Agricultural Customers in the event that commodity prices spike at the same time that their volumes rise. With a fixed rate option, you can lock in a reasonable rate, and insulate your risk.

Nebraska Ag Pricing

Pricing Options Price Confirmation Code Code Expiration

Fixed Rate 1 Year

$0.285/therm 34044 2/19/18

Fixed Rate 2 Year - requires a Delegation Agreement

$0.282/therm 38125 2/19/18
Index Rate 1 Year  CIG Index + $0.051/therm 34706 2/19/18

Index Rate 2 Year - requires a Delegation Agreement

CIG Index + $0.055/therm 38147 2/19/18

Delegation Form Choice Gas Electronic

Delegation Form Choice Gas