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We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a natural gas provider. That's why we offer pricing options to suit every budget, with exceptional service at every turn. Find out what 10,000s of satisfied Wyoming and Nebraska customers already know...BHES is the smart choice.

Pricing Plans to Meet Your Needs

Whether you're looking to pay the same amount every month, pay market prices, or find something in between, we've got the plan to suit your budget.

Fixed Pricing

The Basics
Same price per therm for the whole term.

What it means to you
Natural gas market changes won't affect your bill. The only fluctuations depend on how much gas you use.

How it works
The commodity price is set at the time of sale.
Your bill is based on this set rate multiplied by the total therms you use each month.

Read the terms and conditions.

Winterguard Pricing

The Basics
Same payment every month for the whole term.

What it means to you
Streamline your budget knowing that your bill will remain the same all year long.

How it works
Neither market conditions nor how much you use each month will change your monthly bill.

Read the terms and conditions.

Index Pricing

The Basics
The floating natural gas market price, plus a fixed adder per therm for the entire term.

What it means to you
This option allows you to take advantage of decreases in price, fluctuating with the market each month.

How it works
The commodity price changes every month based on the market price. Your bill is based on this floating rate multiplied by how many therms you use.

Read the terms and conditions.

What kind of gas service do you need?

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About BHES

We're a non-regulated marketing affiliate of Black Hills Corporation and we're proud to be a qualified supplier in the Choice Gas program. With more than 50 years combined experience in the customer service and energy markets, we work hard to find the best options and value for you.

Year-round Customer Care: We know how important it is to be able to rely on your natural gas provider. That's why we're here for you, not just during sign-up, but 24/7/365.

Friendly Service, No Hidden Fees: We keep things simple and straightforward. No matter what your energy needs, our well-trained call center is dedicated to helping you.

Community Involvement: As your neighbors, we make giving back to our communities a priority. We've given $1,000s to Wyoming and Nebraska causes and we're committed to doing so for years to come.

BHES supports local causes
BHES supports local causes

Who We Serve

BHES Service in Nebraska
BHES Service in Wyoming

Meet Our Team

Black Hills Energy Services is a tightknit group dedicated to service our customers and communities. Beoyond our 5 decades of experience in the energy industry, we have more than 30 years combined experience in the Choice Gas program.

Al has extensive sales and marketing experience, and focuses on our Nebraska customers. He's been involved in the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce and held leadership positions within the Chamber, Fort Kearney Shooting Sports Association and a variety of other community affairs. One of his favorite parts of being a sales representative is meeting and listening to his customers and then providing guidance and direction so they can obtain the best value possible. If you'd like a quote for a commercial business, farm or residential property, give Al a call today.

Renae has worked in the Choice Gas program for more than 20 years. Born and raised in Elm Creek, Nebraska, she understands customers' concerns — and that the small towns we serve are the backbone of Choice Gas. Whether she's helping farmers get the best deal for their irrigation needs or customers save money during the cold winter months, Renae is ready to lend a hand with kindness and cheer. "When someone calls and has a big problem, I love helping them get to the bottom of it and get it solved and knowing they're walking away happy and with their needs taken care of," says Renae.

Penny is a long time Kearney, Nebraska, resident with a love for her home state and the Midwest. She’s proud of the hard-working people with strong work ethics, integrity and a helpfulness toward others. It’s those qualities that she exemplifies with an open line of communication between clients, customers, and business with a cheerful “can-do” approach. With over 40 years in sales, she knows it’s important to listen and provide support to customers. Penny is committed along with Black Hills Energy Services to serve both customers and communities.

Affiliate Relationship and Code of Conduct Notice and Disclaimer

Black Hills Energy Services (“BHES”) is a non-regulated competitive natural gas supplier in the Choice Gas Program provided by Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC and Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC. BHES is a non-regulated competitive gas supplier that is completely separate and distinct from the regulated utilities, Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC and Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC, of which are administrating the Choice Gas Program under the business trade name of “Black Hills Energy.”

BHES, as a competitive supplier of natural gas is not provided any advantages or preferences due to its corporate affiliation with Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC and Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC. Although the names of each legal entity are similar, the service provided by Black Hills Energy Services (i.e. non-regulated competitive gas supplier) and Black Hills Energy (i.e. regulated utility service - Choice Gas Administrator) are totally separate.