Agricultural Pricing

Selecting a Natural Gas Supplier Should be Simple

Agricultural customers have unique natural gas needs. When you choose Black Hills Energy Services, we leverage our extensive experience to get you the best price option for your season — whether you're running pivots, drying grain or a bit of both.

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Choose Your Pricing Option

We offer two different pricing options for our agricultural customers. Learn more about each below, and choose which is best for you. Once you’ve decided, click on the blue “Lock in Your Price” button below for your custom rate.

Fixed Pricing

The Basics
Same price per therm for the whole term

What it means to you
Natural gas market changes won't affect your bill. The only fluctuations depend on how much gas you use.

How it works
The commodity price is set at the time of sale.
Your bill is based on this set rate multiplied by the total therms you use each month.

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Index Pricing

The Basics
The floating natural gas market price, plus a fixed adder per therm for the entire term.

What it means to you
This option allows you to take advantage of decreases in price, fluctuating with the market each month.

How it works
The commodity price changes every month based on the market price. Your bill is based on this floating rate multiplied by how many therms you use.

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Complete a Delegation Agreement

If you're choosing a two-year agreement with Black Hills Energy Services, you'll need to download and submit a delegation agreement before signing up for service.

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